The Girl On Site

These safety boots were made for walking…


I am The Girl On Site and I’ve always wanted to be. Male-dominated industry or not, I’m empowered by my profession and would love to share my perspective of the built environment with you.

My passion for the construction industry began at a young age, I’ll go ahead and tell you the story. Growing up, I attended an old catholic girl’s school which, at the time, was over 80 years old. The varying structures and landscape fascinated me; I always found myself mesmerised by the ‘ancient’ architecture and eager to know more about the buildings themselves. From there I knew that the built environment was where I wanted to be.

What I wanted “to be when I grow up” went from ‘something’ in architecture, to engineering, to where I’ve found myself now: Construction Project Management. The journey from concept to design to execution is what I enjoy about what I do and the construction site itself is my favourite part!



I’m a woman working in a man’s world; and so is every other woman in this industry! My aim with this blog is to create a platform that is motivating, inspiring and speaks to every woman who is consistently reminded of her gender in the workplace (so annoying, right?) No man is strong enough to ever make me hate my job though. Fasten your harnesses boys, these safety boots were made for walking!